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January 21 - Open Partial Pose

Select actors before applying a Poser PZ2 Pose.

December 26 - Quidam 3D viewer

Quidam QDM viewer
Poser XMP support

November 19 - P3dO 2.4 massive update

P3dO 2.4 & P3dO pro 2.4.

November 12 - P3dO pro 2.4 (beta)

2.4 beta now available.
P3dO 2.4 & P3dO pro 2.4 next week.

October 29 - Pattern Renamer 2.4

ZipInstaller 2.4
Pattern Renamer 2.4

September 30 - ZipInstaller returns

ZipInstaller 2.3.5
Find dialog update
Pattern Renamer 2.3.5
DDS format update
Poser displacement maps

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P3dO Photo & 3D Explorer

P3dO is a 3D viewer, Image viewer & File manager

P3dO Explorer stands for Photo 3D Exploration.
P3dO is a multimedia browser for viewing and managing Digital Pictures, 3D Objects, 3D Animations with a simple, intuitive, Explorer-ish thumbnailed interface.
P3dO is also a major Poser 3D library manager with many Poser helpers. Also super for Daz Studio, Carrara & Quidam.

P3dO Explorer 2.4

  • is freeware (no ads)
  • Image viewer (40+ formats)
  • Image rotation
  • Zip/Rar with thumbnails
  • Explorer, Mass renamer
  • Poser 3D library manager
  • 3D viewer (OBJ, MD2)
  • 3D files paths
  • Features
  • Screenshots
  • Download

P3dO pro 2.4

Quick Overview

Cool P3dO pro Stuff

Unzipper for Poser

Poser dedicated unzipper with thumbnails. ZipInstaller will fix errors in ZIP paths.
more about ZipInstaller.

Carrara thumbnails editor

Exclusive editor to customize Carrara thumbnails.
more about P3dO for Carrara.

3D Character Animation

BVH Movies & Poser Poses animation viewer.

Poser Viewer

3D viewer for PZ3, CR2, Props and Hair.

ZIP / RAR viewer

Preview images and textured 3D scenes before unzipping.

The purpose is to manage all the digital assets related to 3D graphics (3D Files, Textures, Pictures,...).
Poser is the main 3D software addressed and many P3dO pro features are Poser oriented. However as a browser alone, P3dO is much more than a Poser software.

Select your area of interest and see what P3dO has to offer:
Poser 3D - Other 3D - Photo - File Manager

Library Manager for Poser Daz Studio Carrara Quidam

Poser 3D viewing: P3dO is the only Poser utility with a PZ3 viewer, CR2 viewer, PP2 viewer, HR2 viewer, PZ2 viewer. -exclusive-
PoserPython: open files in Poser from Windows.
Scene Manager: Manage and clean your Runtimes. Directory Manager: to move complete Directories (and subdirectories) between Runtimes. -exclusive-
Scene Manager: does the same with individual and is also able to delete them from disk.
Librarian: scan Poser Runtimes content and report all the oddities in a cute Html report.
ZipInstaller: install a Poser file and its dependencies from a Zip.
PoserFavorite: generate P3dO Favorites for you from Poser structure.
Rsr2Png: our award winning Poser4 to Poser5+ free pictures converter.
Poser Figure identifier: detect the Poser Figure a cloth belongs to.
Morph Manager (free): Manage Morphs in Figure files.
Automatically generate missing Thumbnails.
Daz Studio file manager. For Poser files in Daz Studio Runtimes
Carrara file manager (Thumbnails and Textures list). -exclusive- more
Hexagon file manager (Textures list). -exclusive-
Bryce file manager (Thumbnails).
Vue d'Esprit file manager (Thumbnails). -exclusive-

Other 3D formats, 3D viewing, Character animation

3D viewer: with 38+ 3D formats.
ZIP & RAR: All 3D formats (including Poser) can be viewed when compressed (ZIP, RAR, GZIP).
OBJ converter: ability to convert all 3D formats to Wavefront OBJ.
3D animation: support for BVH 3D character animation with the animation viewer.
3D animation for Poser PZ2 Poses as well. -exclusive-
Cache for 3D Thumbnails.

Photography & Textures

Image viewer: with 40 pictures formats.
ZIP & RAR: most pictures formats can be viewed when compressed (ZIP, RAR).
Extra Thumbnails: will show ZIP, RAR with thumbnails taken from picture in the archive (btw thumbnails for Shortcuts too).
GIF animation support
Image2Image: mass image converter.
Cache for picture Thumbnails.

ZIP & RAR archives viewer

ZIP and RAR are shown with thumbnails
All 3D formats can be viewed from archives including texturing.
Pictures can be zoomed from archives.

Classic File Explorer

Windows Explorer compatible: support for Copy/Paste, Drag and Drop, Shell context menu,... P3dO is an almost complete Explorer.
Find / Search dialog: similar to Windows XP search companion.
PatternRenamer: mass renamer plugin.
Subfolder Exploration: browse several directories at a time.
Repository: special window to store temporary files, manage Favorites, Poser Collections, compare directories,...